Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad things gone happen to me!


Just wanna share a little 'primary' things happen to me today,,What I mean by 'primary' things are the bad ones instead of the good ones,,First I went to Pejabat Yayasan Terengganu when it almost reached to 10 a.m.,,There were many outsiders and people around Bandaraya Terengganu,,Well,it's a holiday,what do we expect??

Never mind,by the time I wanna a car park along the Jalan Sultan Ismail,there no empty left and there were only fulls of cars along that side,,I decided to park along Jalan Tok Lam in front of a textile shop and facilities houses,,Thank God,I'm lucky to have one there,,Called my mum,told that me and my sis will be search for her things after I went there,,

Shortly,I asked my sis to put coins inside that multi-traitor-machine-car park,,Just few coins seems I thought that I would be no longer at Yayasan at all,,Never thought that I got summoned from Bandaraya for RM40,,This is the lil-primary-thang that I I've had mention before,,

:: The summoned bill ::

The first thing I've thought when I've got that bill is
"Papa will settle it down,right?"
Then I suddenly realize,Papa was gone Oct 20th ago,and it just came right through me,SUBHANNALLAH!,,I can't never expect that I will firstly thought of it coz Papa was an assistant engineer in Bandaraya,,So I thought so much about it,,No wonder that would be my expectation for first,,

I can't hold my tears to keep falling down and my sis just seating beside me,watching me,,I'm sorry for getting you annoying too much today,,And I'm sorry for giving you away my anger today,,The feeling of Papa was still in me,,Never gonna make it out away just like that,,
Oh,I miss you so much Pa!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Song serenades me away^^

Ahnyeong ha seyo!!,,

Sorry coz been upadating my second blog,

I'm currently in a quite peaceful mood,,Some of the reason might be the,hurm,a new season in a new place,,hahah,,
And other is I've got lots and loads of new Korean songs including the featured my background song and all others in my hard drive,,You bet how much I can load it up right??

So here,I'll give you some of the songs that entering my heart and new songs that are already in my lapty,,If you want it as ringing tone,mp3 and the vids,just page me on,ok??

1) Heartbeat ~~ 2PM

2) Wedding Dress ~~ Taeyang (Big Bang)

3) Where You At ~~ Taeyang (Big Bang)

4) Wanna ~~ Kara

5) Mister (Mr.) ~~ Kara

6) Hot Issue ~~ 4Minute

7) Abracadabra ~~ Brown Eyed Girls

8) Lies (Dance Version) ~~ Tiara

9) Oh Yeah ~~ MBLAQ

10) Rain Love ~~ Kim Taewoo ( G.O.D)

Got only few times and few space to write it down all in here,,Just ask me then I'll answer it as soon as possible,,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got It Back!!

Salam + Ahnyeong^^,,

As usual,not pretty much to say just wanna beg for apology coz I'm not keep updating each day from now as well as my other blog HERE,,I just got kindly busy with things that I need to settle down first,,So,Sorry guys!!

First of all just wanna tell that,then second,for my other blog(link at above...),I already settle down my Shoutout Mix Widget,,So you guys can pull 'em up those messages that you wanna tell me there,,Maybe I'm just quite to answering those shoutout only for a while (If I'm not in busy mode.....)

For once again,Mian he or it says SORRY!,,

Have a nice holidays!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At Last......


At last!! I finish it all!! After been through for half months (exclude the study week),I did finished off my exam papers,,Well done ama!
I talked to Puan Aznida Hayati around 1 p.m. today,,I feel much better after I talk to her,,She's like a person that we can rely on to and warmth,yeah,she has that warmth inside,,
I don't know what more to say,,Just pretty click on my other blog HERE for more info and in Malay language,,But sorry,no shout out there,,It seems lot of silence after I cut it off!!
lol \(^O^)/

Holidays coming right away and to all that having holidays,HAPPY HOLIDAYS,,

:: HAPPY HOLIDAY ya' all!! ::

:: Even if a holidays come,do some works for the next sem as well!! Don't make an excuses to be sick for a whole holidays!! lol ^_____^ ::

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Day??

Salam + Ahnyeong!!

It's been a while neyh??A friend of mine keep asking me,"Update your blog ama",, Well, here I am,Biha,,Sorry for not keep updating this blog and THANKS A BUNCH for keep reading mine,,Currently got busy with lots of things to carried out at first and the last is,I need to survive on my own,,I love him and I know that he will see me through whatever this kind of feelings I've been through all these days,,THANK YOU ALLAH!

Rough vs Tough...

It is tough when it comes to last paper isn't it??I've got 1 more final paper of DATABASE on Nov 18th and few more realizes,I didn't get much fully-study like you all friends!! It's tough when you seat for an exam when you're at sweet homey and loads yourself with lots of foods there!!

:: I don't wanna be like that catty fat!!,, Lol ^_____^ ::

Btw,to all friends,I invite you all to be my chinggu (FRIENDS) on my second blog,,
We're sure gonna have lots and double loads talking and knowing to each other,,But mian he (SORRY),for my second blog,I didn't put the shoutout mix widget because there are 'some' mistaken problems due to 'heavyloads' of people out of nowhere,,

So just shout me out on the post blog comment,,In case you wanna remind me of something or tell me something just quickly post comment on the 'early birds' of my blog post,,It's ok right??

FYI, the other information about korean music and entertainment will be stopped for a while till I finished my exam and starting my new life! Hahaha,,Joking??? Nope,I'm not in the mood of jokes right now,,
lol ^_______^

Wait for it,neyh??Extra for me,Double Xtra for you guys also,,Yet,EXTRAVAGANZA for me friends!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: The 3rd Paper... ::

Got the third paper tomorrow,,Why I call it as 3rd paper?? Coz...... It's already been 3 days ahead with 3 papers to finish it off!!! It's not hard for me but TOUGH!!

:: I'm turning like this by now!!,,Argh!! ::

How can we push ourselves just for only 3 papers that divide to each a day??? Damn it so rough in my mind right now,,I've got migraine and the yikey yikes is,I can't stand for finishing all exam papers not even tomorrow but till the last on Nov 18th,,

:: Hopefully I'm not turning my dear lapty like what Garf did above,,::

Whatever it is,You better do it than you're not ama! Aja!!

Monday, November 9, 2009



Sun rising so well today,,Hope there is no more tears of rain come to fall off early today,,Got more paper today,,Statistics & Probability and Network Security for tomorrow,,Argh!! I didn't know how to answer for it by now,,Hope ALLAH S.W.T will help me through these,,

It comes out as the feeling of nervous + lost + and most of all, LAZY,,Yet,I need to keep going as I did mention and I did not want to give up easily to the roughness things that comes to right to me,,


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The words,,at loss.......

I'm here again,,Feel tired already and feel like I'm not belong to anything,,Maybe the left of my Papa brought this kinda of feeling stretched out inch by inch now,,Miss him already,,

But I always think that my parents had told me before,"Erah(me),just be yourself and study to what you want,what you can and what you love,,We will always stay by your side and forever be there for you......"

That makes me feeling more sad,,Both of my parents say that,and even my PAPA,,But now,he's not here for me,,Though he's not here,I will always remember those words to be the very best I could and I know,he sees me out there,,In fact,ALLAH S.W.T is watching me too,so I can't just give up myself to lose just like that,,Pa,I will do it!!

And to all my FRIENDS for being such a great concerned and worthy words and thoughts in supporting me well,,I DO REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT,,Especially to MOMO and KY,the only best chinese friends that always stay besides me to keep encouraging me till today,,YOU GUYS REALLY GOOD AT IT!,,

To my dearest unnie,MAYA UNNIE,you're the best keeper to what I'd told you anything at anytime,,To SANDY,AIM,ZARITH,BIHA and all FRIENDS whether in KMP and UDM,Thank You so much! Being far doesn't mean we keep losing to each other 'aite??

Whatever thought you guys had encourage me on till these days continues,some of you may not know such a feeling to lose to someone that really close to you and even he did everything to the family and the fact is,he is the LEADER of the family,,I've had felt it even it comes to 20 days by now that I lost him,and the feeling to even say "ARWAH PAPA" is still cannot be mine to speak on to,,Yet,the word of only "PAPA" is still keep on because my family and I had a feeling of the love that he's still here with us,,

What a poor I am,,No DAD to call Daddy to,,Even others can have the hug,the help,the priority of children,the safety and the speech to speak to their dads,,but me?I don't.....

DO LOVE YOUR PARENTS,,GOD can take his/her time anytime HE wants to,,Show the very best you can because this is the only chance we had before we're gone to another world without knowing if we will met them again or not,,SUBHANALLAH!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry for keeping up the silence,,I'm actually lost hope and no wonder that all spirits I have just gone away too sooner than expected,,My Pa (Dad) just left us,family,,Sudden death of him makes me more scared than losing of anyone of us(family) especially my Ma (mum),,

Final starts tomorrow yet the spirits inside me just left away,,No wonder all things I done have nothing left out right now,,I just have made a poem,,The feelings just right come from the bottom of my heart,,

"GOLDEN WINGS AND GOLDEN-SPIRITS",Thanks for Everything...

Dear God,give me more spirits to keep me move on starts from now,,
I wanna change,I wanna be someone else that can be rely to,,
And I wanna be just like my Papa,,
He's so handsome with things that he did when he's alive before,,
Till today,I felt the little of him around me,,
No,not only me,,
But all people that he had surround of before,,
He's everything to our family,,
But You have take him,,
You have take the 'golden wings' of ours,,
Yet,we're survived till the long regards you sent to us,,
Thanks for everything,,
Thanks to You,ALLAH,,
You take the 'GOLDEN WINGS' of ours,,
You'd gave us the 'GOLDEN-SPIRITS of A LITTLE',,
QADA' & QADAR just make me believe,,
Believe more in You,ALLAH,,
Believes more in ISLAM,,
Fly away my Papa,,
Fly to the rest place of yours,,
Thanks for everything,,
Thanks for giving us so many things,Pa,,

Friday, October 16, 2009

** Niece,here we go!!,, **


Hi friends,thanks for the read on my page yet be my followers,,Thanks even so I'm not updating my blog yet,,server keep going down in UDM,so,being slow,that's the style here!,,LOL ^____________^

By the way,I wanna share something,,I'm already be an AUNT!!,,First niece born on October 14,2 days ago weight of 3.46kg (huge baby so far!!,,^O^),,Her name is AINA NUR SYIFA,still my big bro didn't register yet,,And both of my parents want him and my sis-in-law to think it back and name her as NUR AINA ASYIFA as the means is "CAHAYA MATA PENAWAR/PENYEMBUH" or "THE MEDICINE TO ALL",,

Oh yeah,sorry for not upload her picture coz I,my self didn't get the chance to see her first,,So no picture to capture on,,Hopefully she'll become the best and be the gorgeous first-born-child in my family a.k.a siblings,,Love you my niece!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Juz wanna let you all know that I'm currently 'updating' myself to study and it's like no more few times to update my blog,,mian he,,But don't worry,I'm still here and update the latest news from Korea and also my blog,,Seems people cannot comments me and like so other,I have a bit difficulties in running and search away my blogger things and put up current issues since the last post I'd made,,

So,SORRY once again and juz keep page my blog and in case you wanna know something,page to my second blog,,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

|| I'm Into It!!!~~~ ||

Ahnyeong haseyo!!!

Dear friends,,
I wanna let you all know these songs and and vids that make my life go up and down nowadays,,I currently listen to it almost 10 times in a day to each songs I will review here,,Juz check out and listen to yourself (although you are not the Korean lovers,but if you do wanna hear something new,check out for Korean songs,,you will like the tunes that catch you up,,

#I Already did link you up,so juz click on the lyrics below,then catch the natural Korean songs I always hear and leave comments if you want to#

1) MC Mong (MC)

~~Indian Boy (New release!!)
~~Feel Like Crazy

2) Big Bang

~~Gara Gara Go!! (NEW!!)
~~Friend (Taeyang feat. T.O.P)

3) Lee Seunggi (이승기)

~~Will You Marry Me? (NEW RELEASE!!!)
~~Words That Are Hard To Say
~~Because You're My Girl

4) Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)
~~It's You (너라고)
~~Sorry Sorry

!!!These are only few tracks that I can link and list here,there's more exactly but most of it are not available already in youtube channel due to those channel that have been upload these kind of video are not available anymore,,I already download them (the vids,of course,,) all exactly,so if you wanna know,juz let me know so that I can upload it or send it via email,,^_________^!!!

Have a nice day viewers and friends!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

\\ I'm Homey~~ //

Ahnyeong ^__________^

Sorry 4 keeping up silence,,got so much things to do,,it's like juz a seconds you will have to turn it down to do anything you want it to,,As for me,online is the most important thing (though i'm not very well by now coz of effects by stand front of my lapty always,,),,

First,wanna tell something about my future plans,,I got something (secrets that I can tell no one,,) Wow,juz like Jay Chou's track of Secret I Cannot Lie,,Well,apparently,I'm on something,,Juz to be mention,friends will know it someday,,

Second is,I'm at home y'all!! Yay for week only,,but no worries coz Fasting month will begin and my homey is about 15 mins far from my UDM,,lol ^^,,
Thank God I began to study near to my house,,not very far but still my parents are not always at home,,Currently my papa doesn't at home yet,he's in KL for conservation,,And the most scared to me (All my family members,,) is when papa like fainted after come back home last week,,

Few minutes before papa went to see a doc and he asked papa to stay at hospital coz papa got high-blood 'till 190!! That is a ~~very high number I seen,,but papa refused coz he'd say that he will be okay if get rest,,Poor my papa,,Since he's a workaholic man,he's got the seat of Vice to Pengarah,,but then it got more worse coz papa seems doesn't want to quit as if he's the only one worker there,,

Pa,since I was kid I know you always work harder than you thought pa,,I never wanna see you sick again,,Juz stay healthy always ,that's the best medicine for me,,Both of you,mama and papa,you are the health and wealth for me,,no one can replace it in or outside of me,,Juz you and mama,,

I'm gonna cry more if I don't stop by now,,I cried whenever you and mama sick,,Juz my instinct says that I don't wanna lose you both yet,,Love Papa,Love Mama,,

Friday, July 31, 2009

!!! I'm Home By Now !!!

At Last,,

I'm home after 2 weeks staying in UDM,,but it nearly cause me to cry coz I didn't get the chance to see my mum and chat with her since she went to Conservation for 2 weeks until August 7th if I'm not mistaken,,Moreover,she did send me messages before (couple hours ago,,),asking if I already ate??I'm Ok or not??Coming home or not??How can I'm not crying??I already shed tears writing this,,T________T

This goes to you MA:

Sorry for not always been there for you,,
Sorry for not even care to lil' things you said,,
Sorry for being rude to things you'd said,,
Sorry for every words I said,,

I'm Sorry,,
My apologies are always bad,,
Can't say through react,,
Can't say through eyes,,
Can't even say through honesty in me ma,,
My words of SORRY is like nothing,,
But I'm always try to change it,,
Coz I know you're the one who taught me,,
Taught me to say SORRY to,,
Say SORRY to what we're have done,,
Say SORRY to what we said,,
And say SORRY to what we made before,,

I don't know if my apologies are accepted or not,,
But I know deep in your heart,,
You will forgive me,,
I know you will ma,,
Coz you are my MAMA,,
You are an honest,kind and forgiven person,,
I salute to you ma,,
Coz you're the best MAMA I ever had,,
Never once I said honest and in deep mood today,,
I'm gonna say,,

"Ma,You're the BEST MAMA,You're the FORGIVEN MAMA,You're THE ONLY ONE MAMA and THANK YOU so much for giving birth of me,,LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE MY MAMA!!!,,"

*Big huggies \^O^/*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

|| Task@Assignment Accepted ||


Today as rarely as before,,Me (and the others,,) got tasks that had to be done,,Well I've got Network Security (TKE4263) from Encik Ahmad Faisal Amar and also Stats asgmnt from Puan Elissa Nadia,,

Actually we need to hv a presentation on it,,Even it's a group presentation,but still,scared,,If I'm not mistaken,my coursemates and I were doing presentation for the first time on Puan Aznida Hayati's class of Database,,It's not a very well presentation coz we (to each group,,) juz need to explain about the topic given by Puan Aznida,,Yet,not say that only I am the one scared(coz it's the first in new sem of 3rd!!,,),my friends also felt the same,,Maybe it was the beginning of all presentation to what we will have after dis,,huh!! :(

I know a thing for sure,I need to be more wise and be more confident(even I still have those 'sticky' problems,,) to what will I have for my future,,I'm sure I can do it!!,,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

< When All Is Done By Now >

Sorry 4 not updating it again,,I got stuck with my schedule here(yeah,right!!,,),,I juz wanna show you guys off about everything when I'm not updating it for few days,,Mian he!!,,

~~Tuesday 21st July,2009~~

Me with bunch of my friends (Tqah,Kak Keem,Deqna,Ainie n Ieda) were going out to buy food at night market,,we're juz walking all through the way,,really tired but it's worth it coz we didn't need to pay for van's ($50 cents),,then when we're all done,Kak Keem asked us to drive in her car,his lil bro picked her up with a gurl,,can u imagine how can us(5 of us,,) gonna sit at the back of Proton Saga car?,,Lol ^______^ it's quite funny,but we're managed to do it,,Here some pics,,

:::Seated and lean on each other,haha!! :::

::: It's pretty funny when seeing inside,even guards show some really cute expressions to us!! :::

~~Wednesday 22nd July 2009~~

This is when I go crazy and feeling like wanna take pics of myself,,

"NEW ME???" hahaha,,

:: wish that maya unnie will c dis new pics of me,, ::

Monday, July 20, 2009

|| A Night With Juniors ||

Last nite it was held here in Ali05 to meet our juniors hanging along with our sem 5's and sem 7's sunbae-nim(seniors,,),,There are no parties but juz an occasional or formal meeting to each other,,Juniors getting along and we're getting to know them little,,

Anyway,juniors are pretty fun for me,,they hv a good performance to show to us last nite,,Sorry coz I didn't hv the vids or pics when they were performing coz I'm at d back,,Well,they are humurous person also,some of them(boys,,) are really into singing,,And mostly they come from here,Terengganu,,

I've got noticed that I hv a junior that came from same mtrx with me although it was only 1 person,X-KMP,here we go!!! Fighting!!

I hv pics with my friends also,but I did upload it on my 2nd blog,,U can check itself by clicking it HERE

It's juz a lil pics I upload it,eventhough I hv so much more,,well,I wanna make my memories myself,,lol ^_____________^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

@ Latest Template Without Moving BG,,Ignore If U dun Like @

Salam and hey,I already made up a new template (though it's still the bg from b4) but I moved the moving bg,,Thnx 2 my friend especially UNA,you say dat it's quite difficult for you to read,,Well,not from my other friends!!,, Lol ^_______^

Whatever it is,,this is the latest and I will keep changing it again (If I got sometime on it,rite now I have lots of things got to be done,,) like couple of months from now on,,So to all my friends out there or people whom had know me as AKMA,AMA or AMA-CHAN,kindly be my follower coz I do appreciate it so much and I love to read ur blogs,,

P/S: Msg me on chat's so dat I know you had read my blog,,Kam sa nida(TQ),,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

++ Ki da re seyo!!! ++

I'm gonna updated my blog once again,,what i mean is I'm gonna change the bg or something,,it gonna be ok than this,,so juz wait to what i will do and done with it,,And I'm sorry coz some might dun catch to what i post here in my blog,,MIAN HE (SORRY) ^O^

----KI DA RE SEYO (WAIT!!!)----

Friday, July 17, 2009

@ I'm Feeling Bored Again!! @

Dunno why but I feel bored today,,even I'm at home and with my parents,but still there's an empty left inside,,yeah,this house is 'lonely',,Although there were my parents inside it,but yet there were no one else and noisy sounds like before,,with lots of laughter around,my sisters,my big bro and me,,within a time juz passed like that,it's like the time is now passess us through deeply and faster than before,,we're all grown up by now but yet we're far away to each other,,my siblings,,hurm,,wonder what they all doing right now,,miss you all so much!! (Deeply bottom of my heart,,)

To Mama and Papa,,
mian he(SORRY) for not being there when you both lonely inside this house,,I'll make sure I'll be there after I finished my studies,,

To my siblings,,big bro,my older sisters and my lil' sis,,
mian he(SORRY) for not keep in touch with you all so much,,We will always be together right?,,

TO my family,,

*dunno why but I feel lonely for today,,:(

Monday, July 13, 2009

# I Bought This Today,, #

:::Haha,kinda strange when I hang it up in my room in Biruni 110,,lol ^__________^:::

I hang out with my friends (mostly classmates including X-rmte,,) buying foods and looking for stuff also,,I did buy AVON things coz I need it by now and it's half price off when they came here!!,,Maybe they wanna finish up things they sold in their store but that's ok,theirs' are still in good mood looking!!,,

@UDM Convo Fiesta Begin@

Sorry for not updating my blog for weeks by now,,I'm getting bz nowadays,,Thought that I will be fine with no more things that heavier than I will cover off,but it seems to be opposite,,I resigned my seat of Exco in KKU(Business Club,,) but then in Co-curicular,I didn't expect to be the President of my Co-cu club of Dancing!!,,Lol ^______________^

Hey,I wanna show off this pics I took yesterday(maybe,,ehek3,,)

:::L-R Kak Iela,Kak Nad and Me,,We're the only 3 in same courses,same class took same Co-cu,,:::

:::Ama a.k.a Cha^Evil with Amin,,:::

:::Hey,We're good na??,,:::

Friday, July 3, 2009

// Gonna Be Around UDM tomorrow,,T____T \\

Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up from a bed in UDM,,since I've been busy packaging my stuff and finished it by now,,Well,rumoured says that I'll be roomating to one of my senior and even my neighbourhood,Kak Tyha,,

Although it's kind a bit wicky coz you will always seen her in class,at home,in room(since we're both roomates,,) and everywhere,for me it's kind of stuffy,,It's not that I hate her or something,but I really wanna hv sometime to other people on not the same course as I do,,

Well,mostly people couldn't get in touch well(especially girls out there including me,,) to people that they know already even so they REALLY WELL KNOWN to each other,,could u imagine that happen to u?,,I read on article that says,"About 75.6% out of 10000 women wanna be partner or roomate with non or not very well-known to each other or it could be simplified as they were not be able to stay with the same courses in U or college,,"(This could be interesting exctly,,lol ^__________^)

What Do U think of it?,,What would u choose???,,For me,it's ok,but merely got less to say and hv conversation since I'm not in that mood to hv chat with a person to whom I already know,,But it is really juz fine,,Sometimes there will be some goods and bads,u juz didn't know which part it does comes 1st,so,accept it!!,,

Monday, June 22, 2009

^* Semester break is OFF!! *^


Now that holidays were slowly gone,i began to becoming more anxious or something,,I knew that i had to work harder more than before,,well,since i've got that bad and hurt by my results,so i need to push up myself and not giving up to an inch of it!!,,

I really gonna pulled myself harder than before,and trying not to be embarassed to what will i've done or what will people say about me,,although this wasn't my really likely-courses,i need to try my best and improve myself to it!!,,



Monday, June 15, 2009

^^Me at Genting Highland^^

Exactly is,me and my dad are suppose to send my mum for a course TODAY (Principle things.....I dunno),although my mum's condition is not that good enough(she's supposed getting a month holidays without too much walking and doing homeworks,but she does so,so the recovery of her feet is gotten too much outburst in not doing it,,lol ^_____^,,my mama[mum] is WORKAHOLIC)

This is my sec time to Genting Highlands (2nd time?,,yeah,I'm not sure either,,ehek3,,) and with all crowds inside there,I managed to see back again First World Hotel,Arena Theme Park & Hotel,Kayangan Apartment and so like others,,and what more interesting is,I took a pic to those places that I'd never had chance to do so before!! Lol ^_______^

Here are some pics I took when I was there at 3 p.m. TODAY (this day lor~~,,)

This is when me,my mum and dad getting rest (exactly is waiting for check-in in First World Hotel for my mum,,),,Well,I felt that bored,so i took a pic beside pizza hut retailer,,it's a CHOCO CLUB (if i'm not mistaken),it is juz some kind of restaurant,,really,,not a "CLUB",,

This is when we're all walking along THE PAVILION streets,me and my mum saw that cute-pink-christmas tree-lookalike inside the water,but suddenly,the mannequinne guy at the boat came towards as soon as I click this pics,,huh!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

-_-A Family Walk-_-

~~About 12.30 p.m today......

We're going out coz we're gonna have lunch outside (yay!!,,),They were my parents,my lil sis and me,,Before,we're out to Unik Foto in Gong Badak for print out photos after we're all come back from a great holidays,,Me in Selangor for 2 weeks with my lil sis few days before i'm coming home and my parents were on trip to Bandung (yuhuu!!,,) with some other friends,,

Well,what I really wanna tell is,I spoke with my lil sis about everything,,we're sharing same thoughts sometimes (yeah,KOREANS,,),Then,suddenly she talked about future plans,,I was like "It's awesome to hear it....." since she was only 14 and she already decided to talked about future things,,so i lent my ears to it with some thoughts of mine,,

We're making plans exactly,she thought that I'll married before I'll turn 26 and for me,she'll be married before I am 30 (before I'm reaching up the age of 30) since she was younger than me for 6 years,so it's a bit far age to be compared with,,lol ^______^

Aiza,If u read ur unnie's blog,U must read and remember this words that goes to u:


Friday, June 12, 2009

!!! I'M HoMe !!!

After a 'great' holiday i have in my sissy homey,i finally come home now!!,,It's so great when finally walk around my house since 2 weeks and up i'm in around Selangor and KL,,It's like i'm having a 'shocked' schedules juz like the other artistes would have,,ekekekek,,lol ^______^,,well i'm finally home!!,,

Friday, June 5, 2009

SuJu Made It Again!!

SuJu Winning award of KBS MUSIC BANK on May 22nd, 2009!!!!
~~They had won even for 2nd time on KBS MUSIC BANK,,I'd even watch it for twice on KBS Channel,,It was awesome,,ekekek,,~~

Click here for the vids

#My Holidays,,#

Yuhu!!!,,I'm finally got my holidays!!Though i'm not in that mood exactly,,Why i'm not?,,
because i'm really stressed out of my final exams' result,,They are not coming out yet!!!,,HUH!!

Well,even if u r in stress or something,u maybe want to have fun or doing something right?,,Me doing such a thing of keep on doing something with ur lapty,,ekekekek,,this is me!!,,Besides,i love eatig chocs,especially CADBURY,it melts my heart if someone do ever give me that cads' chocs!! LOL ^____^

By the way,i'm at my sisters' house in Damansara,,where is it???,,Well,,surround Damansara lor~~!!,,Ekekeke,,Sorry,Can't tell u which part it was,SECRET,,Both of my sissys' got job around Selangor,,One of them in Damansara itself and the other is in Klang,,

P/S: I do love my sissys' so much!,,But they dun really know it,i never tell themself!!,,LOL ^____^

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

# Again,my mama... #

May 26th,2009
~ She went out to living room,she cannot stand just stay inside the room without doing nothing,,I was like crying inside when she trying hard by herself through her way on living room,,Due to her feet weakness and she,herself can't stand after that incident,she's not walking but moving slowly on the ground like a person whom can't walk no more,,

She's just like my passed away granny,walking like that and...It reminds me so much,,I juz can swept my tears away,,Actually I'm so touched by her whom had gave me birth,raise me up and such things they had done to me,,Ma,if u do read this,I'M SORRY MA! For everything that i make u dropped ur tears with or without me knowing it,,I am such a stubborn and moreover,EVIL!! Yet,I still love you ma,u r d only 'MAMA' I have and the only 'MAMA' I love and no one can replace ur place,,

Far away from u,i cried loudly and pray always for ur health,,I can't even imagine not having u in my life,,Pray that God will place u in heaven with papa beside u coz u know what mama,that is the only place that fits u as the best person ever as well as a great mother to me and my siblings,,U know ma,,IF THERE IS NO YOU,NO MORE PERSON WHOM I WILL CALL AND LOVE MAMA.....


*My mama*

May 25th,2009
~ As usual,I was at home alone that morning. My 'papa' and 'mama' went to work,papa to office in downtown and mam in school far away (30 mins from home...),,My parents always come home late at evening,mostly on 4 or 5 p.m. So i was get used to it,,but then,on the early afternoon (not really,,ekekeke,,) both of my parents come home sooner than i expected,,Papa told me that mama got into lil' bit of accident,,she got hurt on her knee,,Exactly is,mama was not talking to me since Sunday (coz something I did.....) So i currently not 'into' it (you know...),,Papa also told me to bend for apology and take a good care of her since papa need to go to Kuantan for his work,,

I was like blind person with uncontent minded,I,myself feel it that way,,(huh!,,),At that time,I feel sorry for ma,I went downstairs after 3 hours stuck in my room thinking of something what to talk to ma,,I went to her room and...she's fallen asleep after went to see doc and getting some 'urut'... I was stunned at first,then i asked ma,what she want to eat or something,, She's like off her madness on me and just start to talk and even so,smile in pain,,Do u know how to smile when u r in pain or hurt???,,My mom do!!,,I cried as soon as I came out from her room,,I cried.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's You by SuJu

Super Junior - It's You lyrics

Neorago (Neorago)
Neorago (Neorago)
Nan nobunirago (Neorago)
Neorago (Neorago)

Dareunsaram pilyo obseo nan keunyang neorago
Dashi hanbon mullo bwado nan keunyang neorago

Imi noneun dareun saranghaet kkaetjiman
Nohl chilsuga obseo dashi dolikilsu obseo oh~

Nae nunbit chi deulkowo keu sungane
Gaseum kipi moseul bakdon sungane
Miryeon obshi baro nohreul sontaekhaeseo
Keurae nan neorago

Ona, keu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sangwan obdago
Keu nuga nuga yokhaedo nomanbarabun dago
Na dashi taeor nandedo ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Ona, nol sarang handa malhaedo chonbumanbon malhaedo
Nae gaseumsok dabultadago mareun ibsol dwedorok
Na dashi taeor nande do ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you
Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you (2x)

Amumaldo pilyo obseo nan keunyang neorago
Nomu neujordago haedo nan keunyang neorago

Jal motdwin sarang ingol algo itjiman
Pogi halsu obseo joldae nohchilsu neun obseo ah ah

Chadichan nae ibsul reul dor bureur ne
Ddeukor ubke nohreur chaja wichi ne

Bulobwado daedab obneun noijiman
Nol kidarindago

Ona, keu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sangwan obdago
Keu nuga nuga yokhaedo nomanbarabun dago
Na dashi taeor nandedo ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Ona, nol sarang handa malhaedo chonbumanbon malhaedo
Nae gaseumsok dabultadago mareun ibsol dwedorok
Na dashi taeor nande do ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Oh oh only for you oh oh only for you
Nan neorago neorago naneun (wae moreuni wae moreuni)
Nan neorago neorago naneun na~

Keu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sangwan obdago
Keu nuga nuga yokhaedo nomanbarabun dago
Na dashi taeor nandedo ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Ona, nol sarang handa malhaedo chonbumanbon malhaedo
Nae gaseumsok dabultadago mareun ibsol dwedorok
Na dashi taeor nande do ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

Neorago (Neorago)
Neorago (Neorago)
Nan nobunirago (Neorago)

Lyrics | Super Junior lyrics - It's You lyrics

Saturday, May 23, 2009

*~ My Favy Bro,,sweet and charming guy ~*

!!! how sweet he is when he smile !!!

pic1:Doing make up for upcoming vids pic2:Sweet-lovely with my favy panda

:: Angel Eeteuk,my favy bro,, ^,^::

!!!NEW MV!!! Super Junior - It's You (Drama Version)

I Love this song when i heard for first,,Never thought that they can come out with extremely gorgeous style themselves,,salute!!

!!! New Things coming !!!

::Latest Picture Of SuJu for their 3rd album!! ::

::I think I'm getting along with SuJu now,lol ^_______^,yet i love DBSK also,,but SuJu's 3rd album is really awesome!!,, ::

::How can they be so much mature than this?,,Crazy upon u guys oppa!! Especially Angel Teukie oppa!,,Hwa ee ting!! ::

Click one of this link for their all songs in 3rd album,,
1. Sorry Sorry
2.Why I Like You
3.Let's Not
7.What If
8.Heartquake (feat. TVXQ Yunho and Yoochun)
9.Club No.1 (feat. Lee Yeonhee)
10.Happy Together
11.Deaad At Heart
12.Shining Star
13.Sorry Sorry (Japanese version available on Japanese edition only)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

*~ It's been a while now,, ~*

::hey friends and followers whom had followed me as well as the readers out there,,it's been a while since i'm not updating my blog,,If i'm not mistaken,almost 4 to 5 months i'm not updating it!,,really SORRY!,,

::Actually,i was busy with lots of assignments and projects as well as i am looking forward to new blogger background,,Hope that u all still stay with me,,^____^