Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day. . .

Today,the 3rd Sunday in June,
June 19,2011

This is my 2nd time I couldn't pass this wish to my dad,directly,,
He's forever in peace now,it's about a year and 8 months he had gone,
about 20 months he was not around neither me nor my family,,

Pretty sad huh??
Can't say these words as well as,
"Dad,this is the day I really wanna tell you how much I love you dad!"
"Dad, this is a gift from me,,A really special to a very special person,that's you dad!"

In fact, I still can feel him around,each time I feel like I wanna remember him
when I get upset or something,
or even
when I just feel like I am lonely without him
He is my best DAD and my very special person,,

He is my ONE IN A MILLION DAD! I ever had and I ever treasured,,
I'm still remember his last words he said to me before he's gone,,

"Erah,Papa know you can be the best,,You can be the very best you can. If ever you had your dream before or present,put your heart on it,let it be yours,Papa will always trust you,believe you coz you are my daughter..Papa will always treasure you as my girl,my daughter and always see what you were doing..Just be yourself,confident and trust!"

I never said or tell nobody about this before,,But I put in here,tell in my blog so that I can read it once I dun remember it

Words I could not forget 

Those kind of words that I want to do so,,
Those are the words that I want to say to my Papa
But, time was not enough,and I'm not blaming for the fate and God for taking him when I was only 20,,
I blame myself coz I didn't get to TREASURE and BELIEVE him like the way he did to me,,

I found a quote that similar to my story life,,
I found it hard when I said it by myself,,
Tears just keep falling and my brain keeps remind him

P/S: To all people out there,wish your dad Father's Day now,,Tell him how much you love him and what makes you feel stronger when he was around,,It is NOTHING when your dad was not there, there will be no person to TREASURE you more than you do after this,,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Epilogue 127. . . . Continue from earlier post

This is what I feel now

What happens?
Nothing,a none or vulnerable phrases can place to say it~ ~ 

This is ***la TRUE!

I am not in the mood
especially now to keep my studying and. . . 
Keep going on and on,,
When there is a stop??


Earlier than expected

Ah,I bet everyone else have these kind of feelings,,
When you are having exam or test for something else,and you also found out results on the other hand,it really come to your nerves right??

It goes same with me,
Next 2 days will be my 2nd test of my shourtcourse and next day is exam result is out!
How can I take a peek when in this upcoming Monday will be my shortcourse exam??

What should I do when I am now bored with what I learn??
It's like,I took a long time for my memory chips to progress with what I've had learned for past weeks already,,
I am stunned with myself,having like this way,like it is not on my own,,
Guess I know what the reason is,but it might just a wrong constraints to guess,,
Well,I am not that 'well' right now,,

P/S: Refer the upper post ...!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

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