Friday, July 31, 2009

!!! I'm Home By Now !!!

At Last,,

I'm home after 2 weeks staying in UDM,,but it nearly cause me to cry coz I didn't get the chance to see my mum and chat with her since she went to Conservation for 2 weeks until August 7th if I'm not mistaken,,Moreover,she did send me messages before (couple hours ago,,),asking if I already ate??I'm Ok or not??Coming home or not??How can I'm not crying??I already shed tears writing this,,T________T

This goes to you MA:

Sorry for not always been there for you,,
Sorry for not even care to lil' things you said,,
Sorry for being rude to things you'd said,,
Sorry for every words I said,,

I'm Sorry,,
My apologies are always bad,,
Can't say through react,,
Can't say through eyes,,
Can't even say through honesty in me ma,,
My words of SORRY is like nothing,,
But I'm always try to change it,,
Coz I know you're the one who taught me,,
Taught me to say SORRY to,,
Say SORRY to what we're have done,,
Say SORRY to what we said,,
And say SORRY to what we made before,,

I don't know if my apologies are accepted or not,,
But I know deep in your heart,,
You will forgive me,,
I know you will ma,,
Coz you are my MAMA,,
You are an honest,kind and forgiven person,,
I salute to you ma,,
Coz you're the best MAMA I ever had,,
Never once I said honest and in deep mood today,,
I'm gonna say,,

"Ma,You're the BEST MAMA,You're the FORGIVEN MAMA,You're THE ONLY ONE MAMA and THANK YOU so much for giving birth of me,,LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE MY MAMA!!!,,"

*Big huggies \^O^/*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

|| Task@Assignment Accepted ||


Today as rarely as before,,Me (and the others,,) got tasks that had to be done,,Well I've got Network Security (TKE4263) from Encik Ahmad Faisal Amar and also Stats asgmnt from Puan Elissa Nadia,,

Actually we need to hv a presentation on it,,Even it's a group presentation,but still,scared,,If I'm not mistaken,my coursemates and I were doing presentation for the first time on Puan Aznida Hayati's class of Database,,It's not a very well presentation coz we (to each group,,) juz need to explain about the topic given by Puan Aznida,,Yet,not say that only I am the one scared(coz it's the first in new sem of 3rd!!,,),my friends also felt the same,,Maybe it was the beginning of all presentation to what we will have after dis,,huh!! :(

I know a thing for sure,I need to be more wise and be more confident(even I still have those 'sticky' problems,,) to what will I have for my future,,I'm sure I can do it!!,,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

< When All Is Done By Now >

Sorry 4 not updating it again,,I got stuck with my schedule here(yeah,right!!,,),,I juz wanna show you guys off about everything when I'm not updating it for few days,,Mian he!!,,

~~Tuesday 21st July,2009~~

Me with bunch of my friends (Tqah,Kak Keem,Deqna,Ainie n Ieda) were going out to buy food at night market,,we're juz walking all through the way,,really tired but it's worth it coz we didn't need to pay for van's ($50 cents),,then when we're all done,Kak Keem asked us to drive in her car,his lil bro picked her up with a gurl,,can u imagine how can us(5 of us,,) gonna sit at the back of Proton Saga car?,,Lol ^______^ it's quite funny,but we're managed to do it,,Here some pics,,

:::Seated and lean on each other,haha!! :::

::: It's pretty funny when seeing inside,even guards show some really cute expressions to us!! :::

~~Wednesday 22nd July 2009~~

This is when I go crazy and feeling like wanna take pics of myself,,

"NEW ME???" hahaha,,

:: wish that maya unnie will c dis new pics of me,, ::

Monday, July 20, 2009

|| A Night With Juniors ||

Last nite it was held here in Ali05 to meet our juniors hanging along with our sem 5's and sem 7's sunbae-nim(seniors,,),,There are no parties but juz an occasional or formal meeting to each other,,Juniors getting along and we're getting to know them little,,

Anyway,juniors are pretty fun for me,,they hv a good performance to show to us last nite,,Sorry coz I didn't hv the vids or pics when they were performing coz I'm at d back,,Well,they are humurous person also,some of them(boys,,) are really into singing,,And mostly they come from here,Terengganu,,

I've got noticed that I hv a junior that came from same mtrx with me although it was only 1 person,X-KMP,here we go!!! Fighting!!

I hv pics with my friends also,but I did upload it on my 2nd blog,,U can check itself by clicking it HERE

It's juz a lil pics I upload it,eventhough I hv so much more,,well,I wanna make my memories myself,,lol ^_____________^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

@ Latest Template Without Moving BG,,Ignore If U dun Like @

Salam and hey,I already made up a new template (though it's still the bg from b4) but I moved the moving bg,,Thnx 2 my friend especially UNA,you say dat it's quite difficult for you to read,,Well,not from my other friends!!,, Lol ^_______^

Whatever it is,,this is the latest and I will keep changing it again (If I got sometime on it,rite now I have lots of things got to be done,,) like couple of months from now on,,So to all my friends out there or people whom had know me as AKMA,AMA or AMA-CHAN,kindly be my follower coz I do appreciate it so much and I love to read ur blogs,,

P/S: Msg me on chat's so dat I know you had read my blog,,Kam sa nida(TQ),,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

++ Ki da re seyo!!! ++

I'm gonna updated my blog once again,,what i mean is I'm gonna change the bg or something,,it gonna be ok than this,,so juz wait to what i will do and done with it,,And I'm sorry coz some might dun catch to what i post here in my blog,,MIAN HE (SORRY) ^O^

----KI DA RE SEYO (WAIT!!!)----

Friday, July 17, 2009

@ I'm Feeling Bored Again!! @

Dunno why but I feel bored today,,even I'm at home and with my parents,but still there's an empty left inside,,yeah,this house is 'lonely',,Although there were my parents inside it,but yet there were no one else and noisy sounds like before,,with lots of laughter around,my sisters,my big bro and me,,within a time juz passed like that,it's like the time is now passess us through deeply and faster than before,,we're all grown up by now but yet we're far away to each other,,my siblings,,hurm,,wonder what they all doing right now,,miss you all so much!! (Deeply bottom of my heart,,)

To Mama and Papa,,
mian he(SORRY) for not being there when you both lonely inside this house,,I'll make sure I'll be there after I finished my studies,,

To my siblings,,big bro,my older sisters and my lil' sis,,
mian he(SORRY) for not keep in touch with you all so much,,We will always be together right?,,

TO my family,,

*dunno why but I feel lonely for today,,:(

Monday, July 13, 2009

# I Bought This Today,, #

:::Haha,kinda strange when I hang it up in my room in Biruni 110,,lol ^__________^:::

I hang out with my friends (mostly classmates including X-rmte,,) buying foods and looking for stuff also,,I did buy AVON things coz I need it by now and it's half price off when they came here!!,,Maybe they wanna finish up things they sold in their store but that's ok,theirs' are still in good mood looking!!,,

@UDM Convo Fiesta Begin@

Sorry for not updating my blog for weeks by now,,I'm getting bz nowadays,,Thought that I will be fine with no more things that heavier than I will cover off,but it seems to be opposite,,I resigned my seat of Exco in KKU(Business Club,,) but then in Co-curicular,I didn't expect to be the President of my Co-cu club of Dancing!!,,Lol ^______________^

Hey,I wanna show off this pics I took yesterday(maybe,,ehek3,,)

:::L-R Kak Iela,Kak Nad and Me,,We're the only 3 in same courses,same class took same Co-cu,,:::

:::Ama a.k.a Cha^Evil with Amin,,:::

:::Hey,We're good na??,,:::

Friday, July 3, 2009

// Gonna Be Around UDM tomorrow,,T____T \\

Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up from a bed in UDM,,since I've been busy packaging my stuff and finished it by now,,Well,rumoured says that I'll be roomating to one of my senior and even my neighbourhood,Kak Tyha,,

Although it's kind a bit wicky coz you will always seen her in class,at home,in room(since we're both roomates,,) and everywhere,for me it's kind of stuffy,,It's not that I hate her or something,but I really wanna hv sometime to other people on not the same course as I do,,

Well,mostly people couldn't get in touch well(especially girls out there including me,,) to people that they know already even so they REALLY WELL KNOWN to each other,,could u imagine that happen to u?,,I read on article that says,"About 75.6% out of 10000 women wanna be partner or roomate with non or not very well-known to each other or it could be simplified as they were not be able to stay with the same courses in U or college,,"(This could be interesting exctly,,lol ^__________^)

What Do U think of it?,,What would u choose???,,For me,it's ok,but merely got less to say and hv conversation since I'm not in that mood to hv chat with a person to whom I already know,,But it is really juz fine,,Sometimes there will be some goods and bads,u juz didn't know which part it does comes 1st,so,accept it!!,,