Friday, July 3, 2009

// Gonna Be Around UDM tomorrow,,T____T \\

Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up from a bed in UDM,,since I've been busy packaging my stuff and finished it by now,,Well,rumoured says that I'll be roomating to one of my senior and even my neighbourhood,Kak Tyha,,

Although it's kind a bit wicky coz you will always seen her in class,at home,in room(since we're both roomates,,) and everywhere,for me it's kind of stuffy,,It's not that I hate her or something,but I really wanna hv sometime to other people on not the same course as I do,,

Well,mostly people couldn't get in touch well(especially girls out there including me,,) to people that they know already even so they REALLY WELL KNOWN to each other,,could u imagine that happen to u?,,I read on article that says,"About 75.6% out of 10000 women wanna be partner or roomate with non or not very well-known to each other or it could be simplified as they were not be able to stay with the same courses in U or college,,"(This could be interesting exctly,,lol ^__________^)

What Do U think of it?,,What would u choose???,,For me,it's ok,but merely got less to say and hv conversation since I'm not in that mood to hv chat with a person to whom I already know,,But it is really juz fine,,Sometimes there will be some goods and bads,u juz didn't know which part it does comes 1st,so,accept it!!,,

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