Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got It Back!!

Salam + Ahnyeong^^,,

As usual,not pretty much to say just wanna beg for apology coz I'm not keep updating each day from now as well as my other blog HERE,,I just got kindly busy with things that I need to settle down first,,So,Sorry guys!!

First of all just wanna tell that,then second,for my other blog(link at above...),I already settle down my Shoutout Mix Widget,,So you guys can pull 'em up those messages that you wanna tell me there,,Maybe I'm just quite to answering those shoutout only for a while (If I'm not in busy mode.....)

For once again,Mian he or it says SORRY!,,

Have a nice holidays!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At Last......


At last!! I finish it all!! After been through for half months (exclude the study week),I did finished off my exam papers,,Well done ama!
I talked to Puan Aznida Hayati around 1 p.m. today,,I feel much better after I talk to her,,She's like a person that we can rely on to and warmth,yeah,she has that warmth inside,,
I don't know what more to say,,Just pretty click on my other blog HERE for more info and in Malay language,,But sorry,no shout out there,,It seems lot of silence after I cut it off!!
lol \(^O^)/

Holidays coming right away and to all that having holidays,HAPPY HOLIDAYS,,

:: HAPPY HOLIDAY ya' all!! ::

:: Even if a holidays come,do some works for the next sem as well!! Don't make an excuses to be sick for a whole holidays!! lol ^_____^ ::

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Day??

Salam + Ahnyeong!!

It's been a while neyh??A friend of mine keep asking me,"Update your blog ama",, Well, here I am,Biha,,Sorry for not keep updating this blog and THANKS A BUNCH for keep reading mine,,Currently got busy with lots of things to carried out at first and the last is,I need to survive on my own,,I love him and I know that he will see me through whatever this kind of feelings I've been through all these days,,THANK YOU ALLAH!

Rough vs Tough...

It is tough when it comes to last paper isn't it??I've got 1 more final paper of DATABASE on Nov 18th and few more realizes,I didn't get much fully-study like you all friends!! It's tough when you seat for an exam when you're at sweet homey and loads yourself with lots of foods there!!

:: I don't wanna be like that catty fat!!,, Lol ^_____^ ::

Btw,to all friends,I invite you all to be my chinggu (FRIENDS) on my second blog,,
We're sure gonna have lots and double loads talking and knowing to each other,,But mian he (SORRY),for my second blog,I didn't put the shoutout mix widget because there are 'some' mistaken problems due to 'heavyloads' of people out of nowhere,,

So just shout me out on the post blog comment,,In case you wanna remind me of something or tell me something just quickly post comment on the 'early birds' of my blog post,,It's ok right??

FYI, the other information about korean music and entertainment will be stopped for a while till I finished my exam and starting my new life! Hahaha,,Joking??? Nope,I'm not in the mood of jokes right now,,
lol ^_______^

Wait for it,neyh??Extra for me,Double Xtra for you guys also,,Yet,EXTRAVAGANZA for me friends!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

:: The 3rd Paper... ::

Got the third paper tomorrow,,Why I call it as 3rd paper?? Coz...... It's already been 3 days ahead with 3 papers to finish it off!!! It's not hard for me but TOUGH!!

:: I'm turning like this by now!!,,Argh!! ::

How can we push ourselves just for only 3 papers that divide to each a day??? Damn it so rough in my mind right now,,I've got migraine and the yikey yikes is,I can't stand for finishing all exam papers not even tomorrow but till the last on Nov 18th,,

:: Hopefully I'm not turning my dear lapty like what Garf did above,,::

Whatever it is,You better do it than you're not ama! Aja!!

Monday, November 9, 2009



Sun rising so well today,,Hope there is no more tears of rain come to fall off early today,,Got more paper today,,Statistics & Probability and Network Security for tomorrow,,Argh!! I didn't know how to answer for it by now,,Hope ALLAH S.W.T will help me through these,,

It comes out as the feeling of nervous + lost + and most of all, LAZY,,Yet,I need to keep going as I did mention and I did not want to give up easily to the roughness things that comes to right to me,,


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The words,,at loss.......

I'm here again,,Feel tired already and feel like I'm not belong to anything,,Maybe the left of my Papa brought this kinda of feeling stretched out inch by inch now,,Miss him already,,

But I always think that my parents had told me before,"Erah(me),just be yourself and study to what you want,what you can and what you love,,We will always stay by your side and forever be there for you......"

That makes me feeling more sad,,Both of my parents say that,and even my PAPA,,But now,he's not here for me,,Though he's not here,I will always remember those words to be the very best I could and I know,he sees me out there,,In fact,ALLAH S.W.T is watching me too,so I can't just give up myself to lose just like that,,Pa,I will do it!!

And to all my FRIENDS for being such a great concerned and worthy words and thoughts in supporting me well,,I DO REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT,,Especially to MOMO and KY,the only best chinese friends that always stay besides me to keep encouraging me till today,,YOU GUYS REALLY GOOD AT IT!,,

To my dearest unnie,MAYA UNNIE,you're the best keeper to what I'd told you anything at anytime,,To SANDY,AIM,ZARITH,BIHA and all FRIENDS whether in KMP and UDM,Thank You so much! Being far doesn't mean we keep losing to each other 'aite??

Whatever thought you guys had encourage me on till these days continues,some of you may not know such a feeling to lose to someone that really close to you and even he did everything to the family and the fact is,he is the LEADER of the family,,I've had felt it even it comes to 20 days by now that I lost him,and the feeling to even say "ARWAH PAPA" is still cannot be mine to speak on to,,Yet,the word of only "PAPA" is still keep on because my family and I had a feeling of the love that he's still here with us,,

What a poor I am,,No DAD to call Daddy to,,Even others can have the hug,the help,the priority of children,the safety and the speech to speak to their dads,,but me?I don't.....

DO LOVE YOUR PARENTS,,GOD can take his/her time anytime HE wants to,,Show the very best you can because this is the only chance we had before we're gone to another world without knowing if we will met them again or not,,SUBHANALLAH!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Sorry for keeping up the silence,,I'm actually lost hope and no wonder that all spirits I have just gone away too sooner than expected,,My Pa (Dad) just left us,family,,Sudden death of him makes me more scared than losing of anyone of us(family) especially my Ma (mum),,

Final starts tomorrow yet the spirits inside me just left away,,No wonder all things I done have nothing left out right now,,I just have made a poem,,The feelings just right come from the bottom of my heart,,

"GOLDEN WINGS AND GOLDEN-SPIRITS",Thanks for Everything...

Dear God,give me more spirits to keep me move on starts from now,,
I wanna change,I wanna be someone else that can be rely to,,
And I wanna be just like my Papa,,
He's so handsome with things that he did when he's alive before,,
Till today,I felt the little of him around me,,
No,not only me,,
But all people that he had surround of before,,
He's everything to our family,,
But You have take him,,
You have take the 'golden wings' of ours,,
Yet,we're survived till the long regards you sent to us,,
Thanks for everything,,
Thanks to You,ALLAH,,
You take the 'GOLDEN WINGS' of ours,,
You'd gave us the 'GOLDEN-SPIRITS of A LITTLE',,
QADA' & QADAR just make me believe,,
Believe more in You,ALLAH,,
Believes more in ISLAM,,
Fly away my Papa,,
Fly to the rest place of yours,,
Thanks for everything,,
Thanks for giving us so many things,Pa,,