Monday, November 16, 2009

New Day??

Salam + Ahnyeong!!

It's been a while neyh??A friend of mine keep asking me,"Update your blog ama",, Well, here I am,Biha,,Sorry for not keep updating this blog and THANKS A BUNCH for keep reading mine,,Currently got busy with lots of things to carried out at first and the last is,I need to survive on my own,,I love him and I know that he will see me through whatever this kind of feelings I've been through all these days,,THANK YOU ALLAH!

Rough vs Tough...

It is tough when it comes to last paper isn't it??I've got 1 more final paper of DATABASE on Nov 18th and few more realizes,I didn't get much fully-study like you all friends!! It's tough when you seat for an exam when you're at sweet homey and loads yourself with lots of foods there!!

:: I don't wanna be like that catty fat!!,, Lol ^_____^ ::

Btw,to all friends,I invite you all to be my chinggu (FRIENDS) on my second blog,,
We're sure gonna have lots and double loads talking and knowing to each other,,But mian he (SORRY),for my second blog,I didn't put the shoutout mix widget because there are 'some' mistaken problems due to 'heavyloads' of people out of nowhere,,

So just shout me out on the post blog comment,,In case you wanna remind me of something or tell me something just quickly post comment on the 'early birds' of my blog post,,It's ok right??

FYI, the other information about korean music and entertainment will be stopped for a while till I finished my exam and starting my new life! Hahaha,,Joking??? Nope,I'm not in the mood of jokes right now,,
lol ^_______^

Wait for it,neyh??Extra for me,Double Xtra for you guys also,,Yet,EXTRAVAGANZA for me friends!!

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