Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kepingin makan sebab game,boley ker??

Salam buat readers sekalian^^

Ahaks! Ada readers kah?anyway,thanx pada yang ‘menempek’ kat belog sayer nih,
Ha,jangan sekadar menempek,mempolo pun perlu tau?
So,dengan bangganya sayer mau la citer-citer kat sini,sayer ada maen 1 game ne,iaitu Baking Life (seperti di bawah)

Entah kenaper,sayer sangat terujer dengan tetibe nak maen game tuh,,Tak pena-pena kot nak maen game kat facebook ne,tapi kerana baking life ne satu bab febereto sayer iaitu makanan,jadik sayer maen la,,tup-tup sampai satu level boley masak MACARON,wah! Nak tau tak? (Biarla korang jawab tanak pon) sayer memang nak makan sangat biskut kering comey ala-ala manis macam macaron nih
Sangat best,ok?sayer pena makan yang member pena bagi kat sayer dulu,,Dye bagi sayer kaler pink,Err,boley dikatakan sayer ne memang bukan peminat pink la
(Jgn hot PINK FANS sekalian,sayer tak kutuk pun..)

:: Sirius,sangat sodap! ::

But seriously,dyer punyer taste (Er,macaron tersebut…) sgt lazat,,Tak terkata sayer nak meroyak di sini,,yang sayer boley tulisnye,biskut ni ad krim kat dlm,manis n biskut dyer tu keras sikit tapi besh mungkin sebab guna badam tu yang menyelerakan jugak laa,,

:: Uish,rase nak makan tetibe plak ::

Sayer Sirius Black nih!
Ajat nak amek agi ngan member tuh tapi cepat je habis sebab ramai yang kempunan tengok kecomelan dan kekiutan biskut tersebut.
Uish,ni memang virus dari @sophie zulkepli a.k.a Zarith la ne,,Kerana dye yang mula2 citer kat sayer,tros jadik minat kat beskot (biskut) ne,,HUH!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Please Help me 'LIKE' this page...

(Please read..)

To all Facebook users,bloggers,readers of my bloggie,Tweeters' and so other out there,I'm hoping you all to LIKE this page in helping me for my current project,,Your sincerity is the best appreciation I can give


I'm hoping you guys will LIKE this wall as soon as possible,The only thing I can say right now is 
THANK YOU so much~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A visit


Hari ni macam biase,nak citer ceritera la sikit,,Sikit je,tak banyak pon~
Sebelum tu,saya nak ucapkan Happy Deepavali/Diwali kepada semua penganut agama Hindu yang menyambutnya pada hari ini,Rabu (26 Oktober) ni,,

Ha,tadi tu baru je intro yang seakan-akan mukadimah saya untuk belog nih~
Actually semalam terasa macam nak bercakap-cakap dengan member2 tapi disebabkan depa semua duk sibuk,jadi saya pun menyibukkan diri dengan duduk dengan member2 laen jugak yang dipanggil,"5 Stars Gang"

Diorang ni bebudak Stat tapi duk umah laen,jadik saya dengan epi nye poie la umah depa dan bermalam di sana,,Inilah yang dikatakan A Visit tu,,huhu~~
Walaupun mereka ibarat 'akak-akak' kalau diikutkan umur mereka dengan saya,tapi diorg sangatlah sempoi dan besh la jugak untuk 'bermesra' (Ha,jangan salah sangka!) dengan mereka semua

Makan minum,guna pakai air letrik,seme ON je diorang ni,kire tak banyak la nak susah2 ne~
Pape pun,takkan la saya pegi dengan tangan kosong,ye tak?Musti la saya bawakkan something jugak untuk diorang,,Jadi,untuk balas budi baek mereka,saya masak la sup pedas kat diorang,,

Saya mintak maap la sebab terlebih letak lada sampai berpino-pino mate mereka-mereka sekalian,,Tapi,diorang pun tak kesah janji dapat makanan dan free of charge,,
Pape pun,MEKACIH yer sekalian geng2~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia!!

It's been a while since I last wrote on my blog~
Many many thanks to those who have been read my blog though I'm not updating it quite a while

I just woke up from my big nap (exhausted from yesterday...) and when it comes to this title,I realized that I haven't post anything about it yet,I may wrote about it but I didn't manage to post on the big post like others,,
It sounds weird,but I think I wanna wrote it because of 'someone' that reminds me a lot~

I got a 'friend' but not so close to me,hehehe^^,,
She's practically normal like others but frankly speaking,she's normal on the outside only,,
she got a lot of social relationships which means she is connected to more than other people ever known especially boys,,Well,i don't get distracted by it since boys like girls so do girls~

But what distracts me more is,when it time the SUBUH,that FAJAR dawn pray,she's more to have conversation with someone on the phone rather than make it a quick move to pray.And what really makes me 'think' of WHAT??! is when Maghrib comes in,she prays and recite al-Quran and sometimes it takes a while to make her finish it,,

It may be an easy task for us to think about it,but when the time comes,did we do it on time and such an 'easy' like we said,do we take it as an EASY as well??

Let me make a clear statement first,I'm not a very good prayer yet not a very perfect in everything that people have,but I'm trying hard just like others who wants the very best though we're not THAT perfect in praying,,And as a Muslimah,I'll do my very best to work on it and by not thinking that pray is an EASY TASK,I always think that my pray is yet to be 'repair' somewhere,,

So what I can conclude in here is,don't make excuses when the pray time is coming in,,Don't make it as an EASY task; when we have SOCIAL LIFE at the same time we abandon to seek and reach help from HIM, ALLAH S.W.T.

P/s: We may be not that perfect,unless we're trying to be that closer to HIM,we are PERFECT in praying in our own way

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day. . .

Today,the 3rd Sunday in June,
June 19,2011

This is my 2nd time I couldn't pass this wish to my dad,directly,,
He's forever in peace now,it's about a year and 8 months he had gone,
about 20 months he was not around neither me nor my family,,

Pretty sad huh??
Can't say these words as well as,
"Dad,this is the day I really wanna tell you how much I love you dad!"
"Dad, this is a gift from me,,A really special to a very special person,that's you dad!"

In fact, I still can feel him around,each time I feel like I wanna remember him
when I get upset or something,
or even
when I just feel like I am lonely without him
He is my best DAD and my very special person,,

He is my ONE IN A MILLION DAD! I ever had and I ever treasured,,
I'm still remember his last words he said to me before he's gone,,

"Erah,Papa know you can be the best,,You can be the very best you can. If ever you had your dream before or present,put your heart on it,let it be yours,Papa will always trust you,believe you coz you are my daughter..Papa will always treasure you as my girl,my daughter and always see what you were doing..Just be yourself,confident and trust!"

I never said or tell nobody about this before,,But I put in here,tell in my blog so that I can read it once I dun remember it

Words I could not forget 

Those kind of words that I want to do so,,
Those are the words that I want to say to my Papa
But, time was not enough,and I'm not blaming for the fate and God for taking him when I was only 20,,
I blame myself coz I didn't get to TREASURE and BELIEVE him like the way he did to me,,

I found a quote that similar to my story life,,
I found it hard when I said it by myself,,
Tears just keep falling and my brain keeps remind him

P/S: To all people out there,wish your dad Father's Day now,,Tell him how much you love him and what makes you feel stronger when he was around,,It is NOTHING when your dad was not there, there will be no person to TREASURE you more than you do after this,,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Epilogue 127. . . . Continue from earlier post

This is what I feel now

What happens?
Nothing,a none or vulnerable phrases can place to say it~ ~ 

This is ***la TRUE!

I am not in the mood
especially now to keep my studying and. . . 
Keep going on and on,,
When there is a stop??


Earlier than expected

Ah,I bet everyone else have these kind of feelings,,
When you are having exam or test for something else,and you also found out results on the other hand,it really come to your nerves right??

It goes same with me,
Next 2 days will be my 2nd test of my shourtcourse and next day is exam result is out!
How can I take a peek when in this upcoming Monday will be my shortcourse exam??

What should I do when I am now bored with what I learn??
It's like,I took a long time for my memory chips to progress with what I've had learned for past weeks already,,
I am stunned with myself,having like this way,like it is not on my own,,
Guess I know what the reason is,but it might just a wrong constraints to guess,,
Well,I am not that 'well' right now,,

P/S: Refer the upper post ...!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

>>Anything you wanna know,ask here<<

Friday, May 27, 2011


Am going krazie and out of all things,it's Korean Music,,
Know why their music is good to listen to??
Muka jambu,perfect dance,high in aegyo (cuteness) and so they are innocent

Out of all Korean band I want to present here is

Hanya leader nya sahaja sama tahun dengan saya iaitu 89's SNAKERS~ 
~  ~ YAY!! ~  ~

Tapi mereka-mereka semua ni memang manTOP laa,,bukan apa,astonished and awesome gila lagu depa dengan tariannya,,

The group Dancing 'DAEBAK' Machine~ ~ 

Member group(L-R)
Dongwoon(rap),L(Myungsu;lead vocal),Sungjong (Maknae;lead vocal), Hoya (rap and main dancer), Woohyun (2nd lead vocal), Sungkyu (Leader;Main vocal), Sungyeol (Lead vocal)

Diorang sangat-sangat low profile like U-KISS jugak tapi memang DAEBAK~  ~
Especially suara leader nya, SUNGKYU dan 2nd vocal, WOOHYUN,,

Anda-anda semua kena tengok vid diorang cepat-cepat sebab memang sangat besh lagu-lagu mereka terutamanya Nothing's Over~ ~ ~ 


*Diam-diam je kalau minat*

#Credits to all of their twitter profile

Dalam Pemprosesan

Hello there^^,,

After quite a while tak melekat dengan blog ni,akhirnya saya berblog lagih,,Amat puas hati bila dapat banyak ilmu dari sekalian bloggers yang banyak bagi tutorial untuk setiap perubahan pada belog saya ni,,
Credits to:

And many many thanks to Madame Leelou for a very astonishing template,,
I've had using it for 2 years templates and background from Madame Leelou and all of them are absolutely unique and interesting~ ~ 


Buat #Aien, dah bolehlah nak belajar dari mereka-mereka yang hebat ini,,
~  ~ hoho ~  ~

Oh ye,lupa nak inform kat sini,buat masa sekarang,my facebook terpaksa ditutup dahulu sementara atas sebab-sebab tertentu,,
Ha,jangan ada yang terasa pulak and cakap saya mengata kat awak pasal tutup facebook ni dah ler,,
Saya OFF facebook sebab buat saya leka je dengan facebook ni,,Dengan games nye,dengan nak comment nye,dengan nak tengok profile orang nye,huish,sampai bila entah baru nak habis nengoknye

~ ~ Huhu ~ ~

Saya pulak jenis suka fikir banyak pasal satu perkara yang tak ada kaitannya,so sekarang ni saya tutup sebab saya malas nak layan komen-komen kengkawan yang kengkadang tak faham dengan privasi orang,,
And then,kena hack,baiklah off dari bukak facebook tu,ye dak??

Banyak pulak,nanti 'tersangkut' pulak dengan blog ni,,hehehe

If you got any questions,you can directly ask me at formspring CLICK HERE


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A long day and. . .exhausted

Memang a long day,kenapa??
Hari-hari masuk kelas dan mendengar syarahan dari Encik L'dibelakang dalam waktu tengah hari dan dalam kelas yang sejuk sebab aircond nye,,
Mane tak nya,suhu 16-19 degrees jek,,

Memang sangat syok untuk tidur jek macam #AMIE selalu cakap dalam kelas,,huhu,,
Kalau dapat TIDUR macam budak kecik kat atas ni tersangatlah BEST! ~ ~ 
Tapi takkan la dalam kelas nak tidur macam tu ALL DAY LONG kot??
Uish,macam ZE:A la plak~ ~ ~hahaha

Bila belajar IM ni,memang takde benda lain,kena buat website,kira memang fenin-fenin la,mujurlah #AZMA,satu group dengan saya cakap ada orang boleh tolong buatkan,kita just bayar untuk diorang jek,,
Kira OK sangat dah tuh!~ ~ ~ 

Tapi yela kan,sangat susah nak buat website ni,walaupun dulu pernah saya ambil Science Computer,that doesn't mean I know everything dari A to Z

Setakat open-close website lain tu,ADA la~ ~ ~

Oleh kerana Enchek L'dibelakang nak siap before or on time this upcoming June 6th,so terpaksa la berkorban mata ni untuk mencari segala isi maklumat untuk buat MARKETING PLAN dahulu before buat website tu,,
Penatlah kalau jadi macam AHJUSSI kat atas tu,harap-harap la saya,#AMIE and #AZMA dapat buat yang terbaik,,


Been craving!!

Like the TITLE above,saya memang terasa KEMPUNAN. . . 
Nak ape?

~ ~ ~ Huhuhu ~ ~ ~
I've been craving to eat 
Take a look at pictures below:

It's a colorful ddeok!~ ~ ~ I've had eating it before,but almost 4-5 years back then,yet I still remember the aroma and the sweetness of it,,
Thanks to a friend of mine named #LIEZA yang pernah bagi ni pada saya dan kawan-kawan lain rasa benda ni,,Sangat BEST dan tersangatlah sedap. . . 

Ni pun one of ddeok punya type yang kalau anda semua nak tahu,rasanya sangat lembut dan macam ada debu-debu gitu,,huhu,mula-mula tak tahu apalah yang saya makan but last 2 years barulah saya dapat tahu,inilah makanan petang masyarakat Korea

Kalau nak tahu rasanya,rasanya ala-ala macam campuran kuih kat bawah ni:

Bebola salji 
(oOopsy,ni panggilan saya je)

Kuih Apam

Kalau kat Malaysia,kuih ni bolehlah diSAMAkan sikit dengan kuih apam + kuih bebola salji (panggilan saya je ni. . .)
Tapi ianya tetap susah untuk dibandingkan sebab rasa dia adalah kerana ianya adalah 100% dibuat daripada tepung beras yang terdiri dari pelbagai warna dan ianya hanyalah 50% je manis. . .
Nama lagi buat  (ddeok) iaitu kuih yang dibuat dari tepung beras


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Epilogue 120

This is my 120 post in here,,

Baru 120 ker??

Memang,sebab dah banyak delete post-post yang agak lama dulu,sebab banyak sangat and berat sangat blog ne,so terpaksa dikurangkan,,

Nevertheless, I'm on to NEW bands right now,,
~ ~ ~ HAHA ~ ~ ~

See the one in the middle,he's ZICO,leader and a FREESTYLE rapper in BLOCK B,,Baru je umur 19 tahun tapi his style shown he was not,,Tapi yela kan,nama lagi budak-budak,so personaliti dia katakan dia tak adalah macam wajah dia tu,,

This is his FAVORITE! 
HELLO KITTY is forever be his and these are thing yang dia ada, and if I'm not mistaken dia beli sendiri these things after show live BLOCK B

Tak percaya lagi??
Nampak yang the one who holds HELLO KITTY bag,that's him!~ ~ 

And last one,ni dia!~~ Zico and his phone yang ada gambar HELLO KITTY,,
huhu,Who says he's tough inside when lots of charms he shows to his fans out there tanpa ragu-ragu,,
Dan yang paling pastinya,FREESTYLE rap dia menarik perhatian termasuk SAYA!!


I'm Back!!

Lama tak post kat blog ni,macam janggal giler yang amat kot,,hahah

Maaflah sebab lama sangat tak update,sibuk dengan assignment and my study tapi ini bukan bermakna I totally forgot my bloggie,,
No BIG news or something to post just  pictures below

Fiction and Fact,as usual,BLACK and WHITE punya version,tapi HOT yang amat lagu and klip video diorang especially yang Orchestra punya!

Just like the way of life and my bloggie as well!~ ~ ~

Since they all are out for their new album and comeback,it's just like me,buat comeback kat bloggie jugak,so it's a fact right??

Where did I get it?
Why do I have it??

Lol,it's all in Twitter dearest^^,,
I just love how cute he was when he hold that chocolate while wearing those Minnie Mouse scarf,,
Yang pastinya,saya sukakan co-ko-lat ituh! ~ ~ 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hari ini sangat menyedihkan!!

I was too sad when I know that I could not proceed it,,
What was that??

My blog is all about me tapi tak nak la lebih-lebih memandangkan akan ada yang terasa hati dan terasa 'terkena' pulak dengan post saya nanti,,

Walau apa pun,terima kasih tak terhingga buat Cik Wanee and Cik Maz atas sokongan moral dari anda,,
Credits to both of them. . .