Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia!!

It's been a while since I last wrote on my blog~
Many many thanks to those who have been read my blog though I'm not updating it quite a while

I just woke up from my big nap (exhausted from yesterday...) and when it comes to this title,I realized that I haven't post anything about it yet,I may wrote about it but I didn't manage to post on the big post like others,,
It sounds weird,but I think I wanna wrote it because of 'someone' that reminds me a lot~

I got a 'friend' but not so close to me,hehehe^^,,
She's practically normal like others but frankly speaking,she's normal on the outside only,,
she got a lot of social relationships which means she is connected to more than other people ever known especially boys,,Well,i don't get distracted by it since boys like girls so do girls~

But what distracts me more is,when it time the SUBUH,that FAJAR dawn pray,she's more to have conversation with someone on the phone rather than make it a quick move to pray.And what really makes me 'think' of WHAT??! is when Maghrib comes in,she prays and recite al-Quran and sometimes it takes a while to make her finish it,,

It may be an easy task for us to think about it,but when the time comes,did we do it on time and such an 'easy' like we said,do we take it as an EASY as well??

Let me make a clear statement first,I'm not a very good prayer yet not a very perfect in everything that people have,but I'm trying hard just like others who wants the very best though we're not THAT perfect in praying,,And as a Muslimah,I'll do my very best to work on it and by not thinking that pray is an EASY TASK,I always think that my pray is yet to be 'repair' somewhere,,

So what I can conclude in here is,don't make excuses when the pray time is coming in,,Don't make it as an EASY task; when we have SOCIAL LIFE at the same time we abandon to seek and reach help from HIM, ALLAH S.W.T.

P/s: We may be not that perfect,unless we're trying to be that closer to HIM,we are PERFECT in praying in our own way

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