Monday, June 28, 2010

* New Sem is coming *


Well it is time for me preparing for new semester that will be coming over soon,,
왜 이렇게 빨리?
As the garfield asks above,where's Friday?Where's my time to rest? And where is the time to spend on it??

Well I better shut my mouth rather than say it's too far,,
Lol ^^

Also for my sunbae-nim especially my classmates and housemate for a month,,Ain,Tiekah,Sue,Dila,Sha,T,Pae and so others,Good Luck in future and please don't forget me,your hoobae (JUNIOR)!!~~,,

To my 2 classmates before this in first sem, Haniey Shukor and Ruby,Hope you both will be safe and lucky in major University although you were both taking different courses by now,,We'll be hang-out together when we're attached together aite??

They say, goodbye is just a waving of saying thank you and leave and not the 'real goodbyes' is,,So whether we're close or not,happens to be mad at each other or we're seeing each other rarely,we're better off waving ourselves to that egoistic in ourself before we lean on someone that we call friends,,

And for myself,hoping that the "kg's" are down by upcoming new sem and wish  I'll be lucky for next future,,May Allah S.W.T will always blessed me and my throughout of the year and my way on it~~


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tomorrow's exam!!

"Huh! Exam is tomorrow?!"

Can't believe that time passes by so fast than before,,Even it goes lightly upon us,it's already been near to the end already,,huh:'(

Well,i'm hoping for the very best for tomorrow's paper,,hwa ee ting ama-ya! Hwa ee ting ihn-duhl~~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

# Father's Day #


Today, will be the first day I will never ever say those words of,
"Happy Father's Day"
to my dear Papa,,

Today also is a 8 months my late Papa has gone forever from this world,,May Allah S.W.T blessing him through all the times he had with me and my family,,

Pa,if you'd watching,hearing and listened to me,I just want to say 
"Happy Father's Day"
and so how much
"I love and missing you even you're not here"

To all fathers out there,Happy Daddy's Day/Happy Father's Day to all,,
To the children whom still have father,
be blessed from HIM for giving you a chance to share love and get love from both of your parents yet you must not forget to pay them back even with you little concern,they are happy for you~~

To the ones who have no Dads anymore,
Well they seeing you and be missing you always,but please keep forward ahead and be strong,,You're not alone because there are so many people out there love and care for you,,
Just give a good pray to your dad will make it all difference because it's saying that,
"I always love you,dad~~"

note: Allah S.W.T gives only A chance to live in this universe and let us feel die for ONE time also,,So let us be the one to beg and make charities for the blessing from HIM

+ The Result +

Ahnyeong yeh dhe rha!~~

It's been so long,,Well I want to update my blog with stories of "my dear diaries" but since 'some people' just think that by reading my blog,they'll get to know and watch me from 'far',,

But today I just want to share about the results,,Some of you might think what were the results are??

Well,sort of recent results of me and my group presentation,the notes and assignments,the result of how hardworking I am or not and also my my final's result,,

Alhamdulillah,me and my group finished up our group presentation about e-commerce website,,Thanx Tiekah,Ain and Ruby who were the same group with me,,You guys are all outrageous that day,,

And Alhamdulillah once again,I've got 'outstanding'(really??!~~) result for the first time in here and the first time I had that CGPA..Thank you to all who's been involved in making me to top and keep pushing me behind by saying,"YOU CAN DO IT"
Koma Oo~~

And finally,the final will soon come on this June 25th,,Wish I can handle my hands once again and not that bad tragedy happen once again,,
(bad memories of it~~)

Hwa ee ting ama-yaa!!~~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New look with new presentati0n~~


Today is d prsnttn day,i've g0t new l0ok! If it wasn't 4 this shortcourse,i never w0re those tudung! Well,it fits me just fine^^

First and last to wear those tudung,,Not that I hate it but it just don't suit me well with baju kurung and it is just look awesome with elegant and stylish style,,

Well,that day is gone,so got to be remember that 


Monday, June 14, 2010

Can or can't I eat this??


Today I will taste d 1st try-make sweet corn by Ain,my d0ngsaeng,,
Well,it g0es like....

Ok l0r~~ At least I still taste d c0rn,, l0l^,^

Ain,you can d0 it better next time! Just dun be so anxi0us n afraid that you can't do it,,Ama unnie will always support y0u!:-P