Saturday, June 19, 2010

# Father's Day #


Today, will be the first day I will never ever say those words of,
"Happy Father's Day"
to my dear Papa,,

Today also is a 8 months my late Papa has gone forever from this world,,May Allah S.W.T blessing him through all the times he had with me and my family,,

Pa,if you'd watching,hearing and listened to me,I just want to say 
"Happy Father's Day"
and so how much
"I love and missing you even you're not here"

To all fathers out there,Happy Daddy's Day/Happy Father's Day to all,,
To the children whom still have father,
be blessed from HIM for giving you a chance to share love and get love from both of your parents yet you must not forget to pay them back even with you little concern,they are happy for you~~

To the ones who have no Dads anymore,
Well they seeing you and be missing you always,but please keep forward ahead and be strong,,You're not alone because there are so many people out there love and care for you,,
Just give a good pray to your dad will make it all difference because it's saying that,
"I always love you,dad~~"

note: Allah S.W.T gives only A chance to live in this universe and let us feel die for ONE time also,,So let us be the one to beg and make charities for the blessing from HIM

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