Sunday, November 8, 2009

The words,,at loss.......

I'm here again,,Feel tired already and feel like I'm not belong to anything,,Maybe the left of my Papa brought this kinda of feeling stretched out inch by inch now,,Miss him already,,

But I always think that my parents had told me before,"Erah(me),just be yourself and study to what you want,what you can and what you love,,We will always stay by your side and forever be there for you......"

That makes me feeling more sad,,Both of my parents say that,and even my PAPA,,But now,he's not here for me,,Though he's not here,I will always remember those words to be the very best I could and I know,he sees me out there,,In fact,ALLAH S.W.T is watching me too,so I can't just give up myself to lose just like that,,Pa,I will do it!!

And to all my FRIENDS for being such a great concerned and worthy words and thoughts in supporting me well,,I DO REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT,,Especially to MOMO and KY,the only best chinese friends that always stay besides me to keep encouraging me till today,,YOU GUYS REALLY GOOD AT IT!,,

To my dearest unnie,MAYA UNNIE,you're the best keeper to what I'd told you anything at anytime,,To SANDY,AIM,ZARITH,BIHA and all FRIENDS whether in KMP and UDM,Thank You so much! Being far doesn't mean we keep losing to each other 'aite??

Whatever thought you guys had encourage me on till these days continues,some of you may not know such a feeling to lose to someone that really close to you and even he did everything to the family and the fact is,he is the LEADER of the family,,I've had felt it even it comes to 20 days by now that I lost him,and the feeling to even say "ARWAH PAPA" is still cannot be mine to speak on to,,Yet,the word of only "PAPA" is still keep on because my family and I had a feeling of the love that he's still here with us,,

What a poor I am,,No DAD to call Daddy to,,Even others can have the hug,the help,the priority of children,the safety and the speech to speak to their dads,,but me?I don't.....

DO LOVE YOUR PARENTS,,GOD can take his/her time anytime HE wants to,,Show the very best you can because this is the only chance we had before we're gone to another world without knowing if we will met them again or not,,SUBHANALLAH!

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