Friday, July 31, 2009

!!! I'm Home By Now !!!

At Last,,

I'm home after 2 weeks staying in UDM,,but it nearly cause me to cry coz I didn't get the chance to see my mum and chat with her since she went to Conservation for 2 weeks until August 7th if I'm not mistaken,,Moreover,she did send me messages before (couple hours ago,,),asking if I already ate??I'm Ok or not??Coming home or not??How can I'm not crying??I already shed tears writing this,,T________T

This goes to you MA:

Sorry for not always been there for you,,
Sorry for not even care to lil' things you said,,
Sorry for being rude to things you'd said,,
Sorry for every words I said,,

I'm Sorry,,
My apologies are always bad,,
Can't say through react,,
Can't say through eyes,,
Can't even say through honesty in me ma,,
My words of SORRY is like nothing,,
But I'm always try to change it,,
Coz I know you're the one who taught me,,
Taught me to say SORRY to,,
Say SORRY to what we're have done,,
Say SORRY to what we said,,
And say SORRY to what we made before,,

I don't know if my apologies are accepted or not,,
But I know deep in your heart,,
You will forgive me,,
I know you will ma,,
Coz you are my MAMA,,
You are an honest,kind and forgiven person,,
I salute to you ma,,
Coz you're the best MAMA I ever had,,
Never once I said honest and in deep mood today,,
I'm gonna say,,

"Ma,You're the BEST MAMA,You're the FORGIVEN MAMA,You're THE ONLY ONE MAMA and THANK YOU so much for giving birth of me,,LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE MY MAMA!!!,,"

*Big huggies \^O^/*

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