Tuesday, August 18, 2009

\\ I'm Homey~~ //

Ahnyeong ^__________^

Sorry 4 keeping up silence,,got so much things to do,,it's like juz a seconds you will have to turn it down to do anything you want it to,,As for me,online is the most important thing (though i'm not very well by now coz of effects by stand front of my lapty always,,),,

First,wanna tell something about my future plans,,I got something (secrets that I can tell no one,,) Wow,juz like Jay Chou's track of Secret I Cannot Lie,,Well,apparently,I'm on something,,Juz to be mention,friends will know it someday,,

Second is,I'm at home y'all!! Yay for week only,,but no worries coz Fasting month will begin and my homey is about 15 mins far from my UDM,,lol ^^,,
Thank God I began to study near to my house,,not very far but still my parents are not always at home,,Currently my papa doesn't at home yet,he's in KL for conservation,,And the most scared to me (All my family members,,) is when papa like fainted after come back home last week,,

Few minutes before papa went to see a doc and he asked papa to stay at hospital coz papa got high-blood 'till 190!! That is a ~~very high number I seen,,but papa refused coz he'd say that he will be okay if get rest,,Poor my papa,,Since he's a workaholic man,he's got the seat of Vice to Pengarah,,but then it got more worse coz papa seems doesn't want to quit as if he's the only one worker there,,

Pa,since I was kid I know you always work harder than you thought pa,,I never wanna see you sick again,,Juz stay healthy always ,that's the best medicine for me,,Both of you,mama and papa,you are the health and wealth for me,,no one can replace it in or outside of me,,Juz you and mama,,

I'm gonna cry more if I don't stop by now,,I cried whenever you and mama sick,,Juz my instinct says that I don't wanna lose you both yet,,Love Papa,Love Mama,,

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