Wednesday, August 19, 2009

|| I'm Into It!!!~~~ ||

Ahnyeong haseyo!!!

Dear friends,,
I wanna let you all know these songs and and vids that make my life go up and down nowadays,,I currently listen to it almost 10 times in a day to each songs I will review here,,Juz check out and listen to yourself (although you are not the Korean lovers,but if you do wanna hear something new,check out for Korean songs,,you will like the tunes that catch you up,,

#I Already did link you up,so juz click on the lyrics below,then catch the natural Korean songs I always hear and leave comments if you want to#

1) MC Mong (MC)

~~Indian Boy (New release!!)
~~Feel Like Crazy

2) Big Bang

~~Gara Gara Go!! (NEW!!)
~~Friend (Taeyang feat. T.O.P)

3) Lee Seunggi (이승기)

~~Will You Marry Me? (NEW RELEASE!!!)
~~Words That Are Hard To Say
~~Because You're My Girl

4) Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)
~~It's You (너라고)
~~Sorry Sorry

!!!These are only few tracks that I can link and list here,there's more exactly but most of it are not available already in youtube channel due to those channel that have been upload these kind of video are not available anymore,,I already download them (the vids,of course,,) all exactly,so if you wanna know,juz let me know so that I can upload it or send it via email,,^_________^!!!

Have a nice day viewers and friends!!

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