Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad things gone happen to me!


Just wanna share a little 'primary' things happen to me today,,What I mean by 'primary' things are the bad ones instead of the good ones,,First I went to Pejabat Yayasan Terengganu when it almost reached to 10 a.m.,,There were many outsiders and people around Bandaraya Terengganu,,Well,it's a holiday,what do we expect??

Never mind,by the time I wanna a car park along the Jalan Sultan Ismail,there no empty left and there were only fulls of cars along that side,,I decided to park along Jalan Tok Lam in front of a textile shop and facilities houses,,Thank God,I'm lucky to have one there,,Called my mum,told that me and my sis will be search for her things after I went there,,

Shortly,I asked my sis to put coins inside that multi-traitor-machine-car park,,Just few coins seems I thought that I would be no longer at Yayasan at all,,Never thought that I got summoned from Bandaraya for RM40,,This is the lil-primary-thang that I I've had mention before,,

:: The summoned bill ::

The first thing I've thought when I've got that bill is
"Papa will settle it down,right?"
Then I suddenly realize,Papa was gone Oct 20th ago,and it just came right through me,SUBHANNALLAH!,,I can't never expect that I will firstly thought of it coz Papa was an assistant engineer in Bandaraya,,So I thought so much about it,,No wonder that would be my expectation for first,,

I can't hold my tears to keep falling down and my sis just seating beside me,watching me,,I'm sorry for getting you annoying too much today,,And I'm sorry for giving you away my anger today,,The feeling of Papa was still in me,,Never gonna make it out away just like that,,
Oh,I miss you so much Pa!

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