Monday, June 15, 2009

^^Me at Genting Highland^^

Exactly is,me and my dad are suppose to send my mum for a course TODAY (Principle things.....I dunno),although my mum's condition is not that good enough(she's supposed getting a month holidays without too much walking and doing homeworks,but she does so,so the recovery of her feet is gotten too much outburst in not doing it,,lol ^_____^,,my mama[mum] is WORKAHOLIC)

This is my sec time to Genting Highlands (2nd time?,,yeah,I'm not sure either,,ehek3,,) and with all crowds inside there,I managed to see back again First World Hotel,Arena Theme Park & Hotel,Kayangan Apartment and so like others,,and what more interesting is,I took a pic to those places that I'd never had chance to do so before!! Lol ^_______^

Here are some pics I took when I was there at 3 p.m. TODAY (this day lor~~,,)

This is when me,my mum and dad getting rest (exactly is waiting for check-in in First World Hotel for my mum,,),,Well,I felt that bored,so i took a pic beside pizza hut retailer,,it's a CHOCO CLUB (if i'm not mistaken),it is juz some kind of restaurant,,really,,not a "CLUB",,

This is when we're all walking along THE PAVILION streets,me and my mum saw that cute-pink-christmas tree-lookalike inside the water,but suddenly,the mannequinne guy at the boat came towards as soon as I click this pics,,huh!!

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