Tuesday, May 26, 2009

*My mama*

May 25th,2009
~ As usual,I was at home alone that morning. My 'papa' and 'mama' went to work,papa to office in downtown and mam in school far away (30 mins from home...),,My parents always come home late at evening,mostly on 4 or 5 p.m. So i was get used to it,,but then,on the early afternoon (not really,,ekekeke,,) both of my parents come home sooner than i expected,,Papa told me that mama got into lil' bit of accident,,she got hurt on her knee,,Exactly is,mama was not talking to me since Sunday (coz something I did.....) So i currently not 'into' it (you know...),,Papa also told me to bend for apology and take a good care of her since papa need to go to Kuantan for his work,,

I was like blind person with uncontent minded,I,myself feel it that way,,(huh!,,),At that time,I feel sorry for ma,I went downstairs after 3 hours stuck in my room thinking of something what to talk to ma,,I went to her room and...she's fallen asleep after went to see doc and getting some 'urut'... I was stunned at first,then i asked ma,what she want to eat or something,, She's like off her madness on me and just start to talk and even so,smile in pain,,Do u know how to smile when u r in pain or hurt???,,My mom do!!,,I cried as soon as I came out from her room,,I cried.....

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