Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do you know how I miss you??

It's not about a lover story but it is still a love story,,

It's hard to even say I do not have a person whom people used to call,,

That person,I used to call PAPA,,he wasn't there anymore for me and my family,,My mama,even sadder than me,,She's quite funny,joking and smiles around on the outside,but inside?I know she wasn't like that,,
If I'm not in this world anymore,I would just say 3 words regards on you,,
you are the superb mum I ever have ma! I never think of anyone else's mothers coz I know I have one too and I see that I have the goddess of mine,,

But PA,did you know?And did you see me??
I always wondering when we will meet each other again coz I really miss you badly,,
I even wondering,when will I die to see you soon??
You must be devastated  to hear me saying like that PA,,But I really miss you,,

Miss to see your funny expressions,,

Miss to see you jokes with MA

Miss to see you face with that glasses

Miss to see you smile

Miss to hear your voice

And how I really miss you calling my name. . . .

I'm sorry PA,I was really bad at it,,The way you taught me and the way you test me on something,I'm never gonna make it and do so,,I was different right?VERY MUCH DIFFERENT than you and even friends thought of it,,I am PA,I am. . . 

I'm going to reach 22 soon,,2 years gone without you beside me,calling me even you are on meetings and on aboard,,You even gave me cute cards that you only sign your initials there^^,,And even money coins as you want to tease me,,Also,you said that you won't buy me anything but in the end you brought a cake after your working hours and said,,

"Kawan papa yang bagi tuh,tapi xd sape nak makan,jadi wat balik laa..."

You deny it yet when I opened that case,it wrote,
"Happy _ _ birthday to  _ _ _ _, May your wish come true"

You even make a little surprised party with snacks and took some photos,,I think that you had gone too far by click that camera again and again,,It's not only for my birthday,but others as well,,You just snap all the time with your phone yet you just said,

"These are the invaluable moments that you can't even snap it with your mind for such seconds. . .The moments you lost it,that will be the moment you'll cries a lot coz it won't bring to you and your mind anymore. . .  "

But when you're not there anymore,you were right PA,,Those invaluable moments especially with you is the best I could ever had in my life,,
Thanks for everything PA,thanks!

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