Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Final Examination is So not FINAL!!


I'm feeling burden already,,You may guess anything but yeah,I'm quite lazy for this sem,rather than study always,I keep playing games,watching movies,not to forget,my fb and tweet,,

Nevertheless,feeling no mood for this sem when I need to stay outside, rent a house and be together with people that I don't really know,,They are all in various kinds of person in here especially the Dip's,,Not to mean that I hate them but can you consider when our foods and beverages are left empty or none that things are left without our consideration/asking us for first,,

What to do??Well,what I be is just keep saying,
"You just need to be here for 1 sem only,4 months and half,,Be patient.."

Sometimes they were like good; not talking when they aren't,but when they speak,they go like crazy,, 미친 봐!!~~

It's not only me that goes crazy because of them,my room-mates as well,,We're like,
"Hello,we're 20's and more already,can't they sometimes gets off with their tones and stories every day????"

Good house-mates!!
What do I expect? They are all in IS and need to consider the coding,programming as well as the introductions of many things,,hello! Can they react like they're not the only 1 that have a hard courses instead of shut the mouth??

Agh! Think I'm going mad already,reach the really HOTSPOT and my blood pressure is at 200++ of CC already!,,
Ya ALLAH! Let me keep up the patience inside me and bring out the joy of my life once again with no more anger to strike upon me,,Really hate when these kind of things comes at not the right time~~

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