Saturday, September 25, 2010

Days of sickness!!

Salam + Ahnyeong buat teman sekalian,,

I've seen many people easily get sick whether it's on flu, tonsil, coughing and so diseases,,
Talking about diseases,one of my friend,NiCh tak datang kelas for a whole week last week,,
The reason is,doc cakap dia and family may getting the AEDES/DENGGI,,
When she came back for the first class she attended,I ask her why,,Then dia cakap la lebey kurang macam ne,

"Actually doc suspect me,my mom and sis kene memandangkan we'olls demam serentak dengan selsema yang tak kebah-kebah for 2 weeks already"

Then I replied her,
"So,was it Denggi or not?Hope you and family fine right now"

She said,
"Tak ada pape-pun. Just a flu with high fever. Cuma seksanya masa buat pemeriksaan untuk Denggi tu. They took 3 times blood from me and my mum. My sis just only twice."

She added lagi,
"Bukan seksa ape akma,time nurse cari my urat tu,tak jumpa-jumpa jugak. Yang bertambah sakit hati tu bila dia cucuk-cucuk jugak even dah tahu my urat ne kecik,,"

When I listen to her words"cucuk-cucuk jugak" tu,I did share the same feeling,,Not that I kena jangkitan Denggi but time derma darah,,Memang best,tapi tangan kiri saya cannot keluarkan darah sebab urat kecik,,Mujurlah that nurse tak cucuk-cucuk macam NiCh kene,,If not,I'll be fainted that day la!!~~

NiCh pulak terpaksa pulang ke rumah lagi kerana serangan demam yang tak kebah-kebah dan tonsil yang teruk,,Poor her,,
To NiCh,hope you'll be fine by tomorrow and day after because without you,rasa macam tak lengkap je kawan-kawan dalam kelas,,Hope you'll get better always,,

To all my friends and readers,don't you ever ignore the DENGGI disease because dah ramai maut kerana merasakan dirinya tak ada apa-apa dan sihat sentiasa,,If you get any flu,headache and high fever, take this chance to seek a doc and take the DENGGI's test,,Within a day sahaja it took time to know whether you have or not that disease,,
Remember this,
"Please take a good care of yourself because there are persons that loving you more than what you think they will love you before"

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