Saturday, September 25, 2010

Days of EXHAUSTION!!~~

Salam + Ahnyeong buat readers ku sekalian

If the earlier post is all about the sickness,this is all about the exhaustion that I or might be you all have this days,,
For students yang merasakan dirinya masih lagi pelajar dan belajar tak kiralah government ke,swasta ke,you'olls mesti rasa penat kan??

So do I!!,, 

I've got assignements,quizzes and upcoming tests within a week,,
Can you'olls imagine,how can I survive within a month more just like below:
(Read it or suck it up if you won't!!)

International Business Study
(Kelas Che Deal)
- A class that fulls of writing essays,hanya menulis sahaja apabila dirinya masuk ke kelas,,I call as "Writes-go-on-and-on"
resulting of: Sakit tangan yang amat pabila menulih tak ghenti-ghenti

(Enchek Shah)
- Class yang banyak mengira, but at the quick and I call it as "Speedy Class"
resulting of: Kadang-kadang faham,and sometimes not sebab formula yang banyak,semuanya tak sama which is tak ada pendekatan terdekat,hanya buat past year sahaja

(Class Madam Haz)
- I call this class as "Madame-weirdo-and-full-of strengths,,Dirinya agak baik apabila kena mood nya,,Dan agak scary sometimes,,Ramai cakap banyak kerja yang dia bagi then put us as kindergarten kids yang selalu kena siap and check kerja rumah,but I like her,don't know why,,REALLY
resuting of: Not much people will say her works is an advantage for us to get freely and sometimes we got scared because she boost her temper out straight away to us!! Scary,,

(Ma'am Shi)
- Class ni pada suatu waktunya itu saya suka,then I started to feel more down,hurm,tak kena mood kot,,Imagine a wise lecturer yang belajar dulu dengan logik fizik,,Call it as "Easily-down Class"
resulting of: feeling down after suffers of not good in doing her all homework

(Miss Lee)
- Class ni agak best,but more to worse when another lecturer ambik alih,,Bila Miss Lee ajar,all things she taught mostly tell us,"You are all the same,haiya~~Malay People~~"
"Mood-tracker Class"
resulting of: No mood to do it more,,

(Madam Aspiyati)
- I think this is the best class I get for this sem,,She is a lawyer,and you can imagine how fast she teach us everytime she enter the class,,But she got her own personality,I love her coz she said that,
"Dun worry about your Law test,what you need to do is when I start the class,you must start as well,,Read and memorize it,that's how you can get A for your final"
Memang betul cakap dia,,What I did is exactly the same as what she told us,,And it's because her,"Faster-helping-guider" for me
resulting of: ^___________^

Personal Development
(Tuan KP on his own)
- This is all about you and your own style,,He's not mad for what we've done and we did in class,,Just to respect him when he talks in front,,Call it as,"Numerous-things-to-learn Class"
resulting of: become more lazy because there are 25 chapters we need to learn including,self-esteem,self-confidence,how to lead yourself, etc

(Prof lagi!)
- My koku class and I think it is the best among of all,,All you need to do is attend his class,take attendance and listen to him talking about entrepreneurship,,I love all things about business things,that's why I took it,,
This class is,"Rosing-up-the-value-to student"
resulting of: Since prof already teach us Eco last sem,I'll be willing to hear him out once again,,

As a conclusion is:

Whatever it is, I will take those challenges and fight with my own will to beat the rest and be on my own best!!~~FIGHTING AMA-YAA!!

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